Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop Human Values of Common People as Entrepreneurs by transforming their thought processes with our unique life transforming training system , and to play the leading role in economic development of our country by raising the per capita income of our affiliates by providing them the quality wellness products along with the most stable and the rewarding MOLT Entrepreneurship Opportunity targeted to create entrepreneurs of the future of India and make it a Generation - To - Generation Direct Selling Company.

Our Mission 2020

Our Mission to achieve within next three years is:

  • > To provide the most cost effective wellness products with the best quality to the end users
  • >To provide our customers and entrepreneurs a good range of products with a target of 51 Products which can keep them healthy and fit along with the good health of environment ( Eco-friendly Products ).
  • >To make our products distribution centers profit making with a strong back up with business development strategy and better services so that they can make more profit
  • >To satisfy each and every affiliate of our company from end users to the high performers of the company, so that they can feel “ Proud of Being a MOLT Entrepreneur “
  • >To provide our entrepreneurs and other affiliates the most comfortable and service oriented infrastructures wherever they visit whether it is our Franchise Centers or Training Centers
  • >To make our company the most transparent and high-tech direct selling company of India
  • >To develop 128 Trainers from the common people who can train and motivate common entrepreneurs of our company to develop their business with a handsome stable earning
  • >To develop 12 High-tech Training centers of MOLT Academy of Life Transformation
  • >To develop 256 Franchise Centers fully equipped with high-tech infrastructures each having one training classroom.